Cat Scratch Board with free Catnip, W Shape Double Sided Scratcher


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-Material: corrugated cardboard

-Includes a sachet of catnip

-Durable, strong and environmentally friendly

-Simply sprinkle some catnip over and watch your cat obsess over it!

The product is a cardboard board that cats can scratch on. Scratching maintains cats paw health and can also be used as a lounger outside of scratching. It also helps cats relax, stretch their muscles and spread their scent .

Cat scratcher cardboard provides a right place to satisfy cats’ natural scratching needs. Angle the cat scratcher in various combination.

– Attractive and neutral colors, suitable size and fashionably picture design that will match any home decoration flawlessly which you will never have to put it away if your guests come to visit you.

– Helps protect your home furniture from claw damage.

– Entertain your furcat as they enjoy hours of exploring, scratching and resting.

– Made with high density harden cardboard with double sided design. The high density textures, increases the using time twice than ordinary one. Able to withstand the constant pressure of daily use.

– MADE WITH 100% RECYCLED CORRUGATED CARDBOARD. Non-Toxic, environmentally friendly material is recyclable, reducing your carbon footprint.

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