(Free 🚚) 45 Pieces Universal Multi-function Hardware Tools Set




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Contains: Hammer, Screwdriver, Spanner, Saw, Pliers

Our toolbox is full of essential tools frequently used in daily life, such as screwdriver, tape measure, vise and etc. You will appreciate how convenient and handy these tools are when you are actually in need of them.

Our toolbox is compact, so you may insert them into the corner of the house for storage. It will not unnecessarily take up too much space or mess up the house.

Specs :

Dimensions : 31*23*7cm

Weight : 3.1KG

Tool details : T-shaped screwdriver handle, utility knife, electric pen, Phillips screwdriver, flat-blade screwdriver, mini saw, claw hammer, vise, electrical glue, 3m tape measure, precision screwdriver, adjustable wrench, parts box 60pcs, socket, bit 9PCS, tip Nose pliers, hex wrench 8pcs (short), flashlight, tool box outer box


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